School of Health Science and Medical Care

Introduction of the Faculty

Training for those who wish to work as specialists in sports medicine including the locomotory system

In many countries today, a large number of people have problems associated with mental stress, and the aging of society is becoming a more serious issue. In this context, the School of Health Science and Medical Care, Meiji University of Integrative Medicine, in accordance with the principles of evidence-based medicine (EBM), places importance on holistic medicine (medicine using natural healing abilities to achieve integration of the mind and body) as well as Judo Seifuku therapy as an alternative medicine to complement conventional Western medicine. Judo Seifuku therapy primarily consists of conservative treatments (without surgery), and the demand for such therapy has been increasing in the area of sports medicine including the health management of athletes, prevention of injuries, and emergency treatment. There are increasing needs for specialists with advanced expertise and skills, who provide total support for athletes, such as advice for recovery from sports injury and training.

As the importance of Judo Seifuku therapy increases, this faculty provides practical training for emergency care in sports injuries, in which students will have opportunities to visit and learn from trainers of professional baseball teams and the Masters League to develop their practical and clinical skills. Working as a Judo Seifuku therapist is a promising and attractive job. If you obtain the national certificate and become qualified as a therapist, you can play important roles not only as a welfare worker in the aging society but also in the area of sports as a specialist. Graduates from our university are playing vital roles in Schools of orthopedics as well as orthopedic clinics. People’s interest in healthcare and medicine is growing every year. Since Judo Seifuku therapy boosts the natural healing power of the body and maintains the balance between the body and mind, it is expected to become increasingly important in future medicine. We will help you acquire specialized knowledge and skills, develop a good character, and inspire others with a sense of having a common purpose, and learn from them in turn. We believe your four years in this faculty will lead you on to success.